Salomé Bernhard

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Sagmeister & Walsh's studio

"Idealized places" (1/3)
Model (1:25)

When you are crazy about a studio but it's seems difficult to get in touch, far from where you are, with a waitlist around 3 years for interships... you have to do something.
I started to stalk every pictures of Sagmeister and Walsh's studio in New York on the Internet, in a way to know every corner of the place as if I were there (videos, interviews, instagram, google image, google street view, ...).
My starting point was to established the size of walls thanks to Ikea's shelf: KALLAX (1,47 x 1,47 m) and LACK (1,9 x 0,26 m). It worked, I was able to do the floor plan of the studio.

KALLAX, shelf unit, Ikea
4 x (1,47 m x 1,47 m)

KALLAX, shelf unit, Ikea
4 x (1,47 m x 1,47 m)
2 x (1,47 m x 0,77 m)

LACK, wall shelf, Ikea
3 x (1,90 m)

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