Salomé Bernhard

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Visual diary

Personnal work

These illustrations are like a diary. The scenes are drawn in 3D as close as possible to reality, paying attention to small details that make all the difference. They are all represented with an isometric point of view that invites us to take a step back to contemplate and appreciate the beauty and the romance in the most commun scenes of our everyday life.

Het Parool, June 2022
"Het alledaagse schematisch weergegeven in visueel rijke bouwtekeningen; zo illustreert en ordent Salomé Bernhard (1992) de wereld om hem heen. Het levert visueel spannende beelden op die de kijker makkelijk op het verkeerde been zetten."

Work selected for the Finale from De Beeldmakers #5
and presented at Bahuis Oedipus, Amsterdam

Rainbow Rail

Tits Hummus at Cafe Sarrein, Amsterdam

Saturday afternoon at Cafe l'Affiche, Amsterdam

Her window

Simon's window